Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More effective ways of preseving the wonderful produce

Sometimes in the past the bounty of delicious goods we have gotten from Driftless Organics has been over whelming, and has gone from the box it arrived in straight into the refrigerator. At time I must admit, delicious items were pushed to the back of a low shelf or crisper and not properly taken care of which resulted in heartbreaking spoilage.

My partner JSP and I decided that we were putting a stop to this and have made it our new practice to process each box as it arrives in our home, taking about 20 minutes of time and utilizing reusable resealable Ziploc bags, as well as Tupperware when appropriate. These measures in combination with more prominent placement of these delectable wholesome goodies on top shelves have greatly increased the amount of munching we do on these vegetable. This in turn has resulted in far less heartbreaking produce spoilage.

I recommend taking the time to treat CSA food with the diligence and respect that such well tended food deserves. It may even make you happier.

P.S. My partner and I just ate three cobs of last week's CSA sweet corn and it was DEVINE.


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